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In 10 minutes or less, your host, award-winning documentary filmmaker, keynote speaker and author, Denise Soler Cox, will take you on a journey to understanding how to create Belonging.



Here’s what a few people had to say about working with me...


Erica Roberson-Peters

This was my second time hearing Denise speak and each time her message of belonging and how to create it is fresh, her delivery is authentic and her impact lasts long after she gets off stage.


Kris Young Campbell

Denise has an important story to tell. I love that she tells it with heart and authenticity.

Here's the kicker: her story is relevant to us all (Even me. And I'm not a Latina!). As it turns out, we all need help learning how to think and speak about culture, identity, and what it means to belong." 

Director, Economic Inclusion
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Amber Haskell

I have worked with Denise Soler Cox twice now for both a U.S. based audience and global audience, and her message on inclusion and belonging rang true for all participants."

While we invited Denise to speak to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and her documentary and personal experiences are rooted in the Latinx/American experience, her message of what it feels like to be an outsider speaks to anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t belong. Her talks whether in person or virtually are incredibly engaging and she is amazing at sharing stories and anecdotes that are relatable to everyone. Participants left with a greater empathy and a better understanding of how our cultures shapes our perspective and experiences. Denise’s passion, joy, and authenticity shine bright with every word she shares.”

Director of Membership and Outreach
St. Catherine School

Jean Baker

Denise's film and subsequent presentation provided an opportunity like none other that I've experienced in education, either as a student or professional."

Her message about self-awareness and identity conflict is one that resonates with everyone, regardless of our own "labels." I was especially grateful to receive her encouraging words about running after that big idea that our inner dialogue keeps telling us we're not "<good, smart, important> enough" to pursue. Thank you, Denise, for your illuminating, uplifting and most importantly, real, talk.

CEO & Founder of Pipeline

Katica Roy

As a first generation American and a daughter of a refugee and immigrant, there was always this gnawing sense that I didn’t quite fit anywhere. It’s something I couldn’t articulate until hearing Denise speak.

She “gets” cultural dexterity and why it matters. She helped me understand the value of cultural fluency and unlock (what I call) my super power so that I can be of service to others."

Senior Program Manager

Guillermo Vázquez

Inspiring, humbling, grounding and so full of hope."

Senior Global Program Manager,
Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging

Arlyne Marella

Denise Soler Cox is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Anytime you have the opportunity to hear her speak, I highly suggest it!”

Vice President Education,
Rocky Mountain MPI

Justin Clark

Denise’s delivery is genuine and authentic. Her message, although specific to her experience and those of similar heritage, is universal and speaks to audience members of different backgrounds, genders, etc. Lastly, her message creates surprisingly strong emotional responses.

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Anna Garcia

"If you want someone to bring authenticity, energy, and overall positivity to your conference, Denise Soler Cox is your person!"

For a live in-person and high-energy conference, I needed a speaker to not only match this energy but bring the relevant content to the table and Denise Soler Cox did just that and more! She was highly recommended to me and what I experienced first-hand, I see why! She met the goal and then some!

The smiles, nods and tears of audience members during Denise's speaking engagement was an early indication of what the final outcome would be and that was complete satisfaction! Many of the audience members not only felt motivated by Denise but their hearts and minds were fully engaged.


Mark Madrid

Denise is a courageous and bold Latina who is amazingly likable and relatable. She is a new, refreshing and confident voice for American Latinos."

As well, she has emerged a thought leader and influencer on the international stage. Denise is a rare jewel. In my years in nonprofit leadership, Denise stands out as a true leader among leaders. Her energy and enthusiasm; her progressive thinking and her positive persona—on top of her knowledge and skills—make her very distinct indeed. The smiles, nods and tears of audience members during Denise's speaking engagement was an early indication of what the final outcome would be and that was complete satisfaction! Many of the audience members not only felt motivated by Denise but their hearts and minds were fully engaged.


Amy Humble

Denise’s keynote deeply moved the WILD (Women in Leadership Development) Conference attendees.

Her exuberant energy, ability to personally connect with the audience, and willingness to be vulnerable was exactly what we were hoping to provide to the over 500 career women and students who joined us.

Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
American Tower

Colleen Richards Powell

I highly recommend her.

I had Denise Soler Cox speak at my previous company and at American Tower. She was terrific and our employees loved her message and delivery.