is good for business

Imagine what’s possible when everyone in your organization feels safe to be their full self.

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What is today's most talented and diverse workforce looking for?
(Hint: It's not more money.)

GALLUP State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

of employees who quit their jobs say the reason why they're leaving is a "lack of belonging."

humans crave belonging

McKinsey & Company Quarterly "Great Attrition' or 'Great Attraction'? The choice is yours" 2021

of employee who quit said the reason why is because they didn't feel valued by the organization 

employees are ten times more likely to quit if they feel that the work culture is "toxic." 

MIT Sloan School of Management Review "Toxic Culture is Driving The Great Resignation" 2022

McKinsey & Company Quarterly "Great Attrition' or 'Great Attraction'? The choice is yours" 2021

Is belonging more important than money?

Fixing cultural and morale problems with increased wages and bonuses isn't working. In fact, surveys consistently proves pay ranks lower than work culture.

Belonging is good for business

Denise’s keynote takes the promise of diversity and inclusion and gives it a purpose; belonging. 

She not only provides greater understanding of what creates and deepens our experience of belonging, but also provides simple actions we take to amplify the experience of belonging.

Her style is as energizing as it is inspiring. She expertly teaches the four most important distinctions around creating belonging at work in a refreshingly relatable way. 

Denise creates positive emotional results with her audiences.

Her message is for anyone who has ever questioned if they belonged at work, at home or in their community.

By the end of her keynote, attendees will be able to spot where a greater sense of belonging is needed and be equipped with tools to actively create and cultivate it in their professional and personal lives.

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Vice President - DE&I, L'Oréal Professional Products Division

Erica Roberson-Peters

This was my second time hearing Denise speak and each time her message of belonging and how to create it is fresh, her delivery is authentic and her impact lasts long after she gets off stage.

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Working with you to create results (that feel like magic) is not only my joy, it’s been my entire life's work!

Growing up as a first-gen Latina traversing the boundary lines of my Puerto Rican community and our Manhattan suburbs, I learned to translate the two very different worlds.

Award-winning filmmaker, speaker, author, First-Gen Latina, (cookie lover), belonging expert.

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Imagine what’s possible when everyone in your organization feels safe to be their full self. 

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Now more than ever, in our communities it is crucial that we actively discuss and support one another’s understanding of the complexities around, culture, diversity and what it means to belong.