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In 10 minutes or less, your host, award-winning documentary filmmaker, keynote speaker and author, Denise Soler Cox, will take you on a journey to understanding how to create Belonging.



As I work with organizations throughout the country, what I consistently hear is a desire to build a diverse culture where employees and customers feel like they belong. 

Let’s create the Magic of Belonging™ together:  


Without understanding the difference between the two, we miss the connection points that make it possible to build cultures of true belonging. that we can say we want employees to be their full selves, and yet we overlook that most organizational cultures in the U.S. are based in a self-reliant structure, while most diverse employees and customers were raised in a collective culture environment.

The Challenge...

Experience a conversation on DEI that unites your organization, without causing defensiveness or resistance.

Gain a new understanding of cultural dynamics in a diverse workforce and how to create a more collective work environment.

Understand how to create BELONGING within your organization. You will see eyes open, hearts shift, and tangible change throughout your organization. 


about denise

It was not until I conducted hundreds of interviews throughout the country and produced the award-winning film, being eñye that I was able to understand the full picture and learned how to create belonging, or what I call, “Magical Belonging.”  

Today, I work with organizations that want to reach a diverse customer base and build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures. 

...working at the intersection of these two cultural worlds. As a first-generation Latina, I was raised in a collective-focused family while finding success in a self-reliant work environment.  

My              is...


brad dean, ceo discover puerto rico

"If you are looking to energize the audience with a genuine connection...


With this awareness in place, they can create interdependent teams who value independent contribution to the collective success of the entire group. 

This is best expressed as: 

Self Awareness + Interdependence + Commitment = Belonging

...we help leaders gain greater awareness of the cultural differences between collective and self-reliant work environments. 

Through this


Brian Vogt, CEO Denver Public Gardens

"She reflected on her life experiences and gleaned the wonderful knowledge she later imparted to the world in her film...

Leadership awareness for harnessing the full potential from your teams.

Greater engagement, self-expression, and new ideas from your diverse work environment. That make people feel seen, heard and validated


Understanding how to build an organization where people feel seen, heard, and safe.  

A broader reach and increased sales to global demographics. that transforms the way you interact with your  employees and CUSTOMERS.

What you can expect from our work together:







You will see the                    happen...

As you create an organization of self-aware people who are committed to interdependent success… you will see magic happen.

You see sales increase to broader demographics.
You see greater loyalty within a diverse work culture.
You see increased engagement and improved teamwork…

...all because people feel like they can belong in your organization. 


Magic of Belonging

Self Awareness + Interdependence + Commitment=


we are.



True belonging


– brene brown

mae lin, director of IDEA Center for Public Gardens

"The story she was telling just really resonated...

Denise’s honesty, her candor, and her immensely powerful message continue to bring profound cultural insights and healing to an entire generation of Latino-Americans, their parents, their community, and their employers. She brings a rare combination of traits as a communicator, as a producer and as a speaker, as she is able to be truthful with exceptional compassion and honesty. — NONI ALLWOOD

author, Latinos at Work: Unleashing the Power of Culture

"She is able to be truthful with exceptional compassion and honesty."


Noni Allwood

“...because we’ve all experienced insecurity, alienation and isolation, to a variety of degrees. As we begin our journeys of incorporating ‘belonging’ into our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEIB), Denise showcases how true fellowship and connection among individuals creates environments where everyone excels, professionally and personally.” — Jesse States

Vice President, MPI Academy
Meeting Professionals International

“Denise Soler Cox’s authentic message resonates universally...


Jesse States

She quickly makes powerful and lasting connections with others. Her signature laugh is winning, contagious and unmistakable. Her demeanor immediately puts people at ease, through the remarkable grace she shows even as she leads difficult conversations about identity and belonging. — SWANEE HUNT

founding director of the Women and Public Policy Program at harvard Kennedy School

"Denise possesses a rare combination of traits that are critical for effective leadership.."


Swanee Hunt

Denise’s keynote deeply moved the WILD (Women in Leadership Development) Conference attendees. Her exuberant energy, ability to personally connect with the audience, and willingness to be vulnerable was exactly what we were hoping to provide to the over 500 career women and students who joined us. — AMY HUMBLE

"Denise’s keynote deeply moved the WILD (Women in Leadership Development) Conference attendees.."

Co-Founder and President - Disruption Advisors

Amy Humble


Denise is a courageous and bold Latina who is amazingly likable and relatable. She is a new, refreshing and confident voice for American Latinos. As well, she has emerged a thought leader and influencer on the international stage. Denise is a rare jewel. In my years in nonprofit leadership, Denise stands out as a true leader among leaders. Her energy and enthusiasm; her progressive thinking and her positive persona—on top of her knowledge and skills—make her very distinct indeed." — MARK MADRID

Office of Entrepreneurial Development (OED) at the U.S. Small Business Administration

"She is a new, refreshing and confident voice for American Latinos...


Mark Madrid

These events were a huge success not only for our organizations but for our community as well. We are so grateful to have been able to bring this important conversation to the front line here in GR and we all look forward to furthering the conversation within our community.

On behalf of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., The Latino Community Coalition, The Hispanic Center, and our sponsors, thank you so much again for working with all of us!"
- KIM VAN DRIEL, Special Events Manager, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. 

Special Events Manager,
Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

"We had such a great time with Denise. She did a fantastic job."


Kim Van Driel

 Here's the kicker: her story is relevant to us all (Even me. And I'm not a Latina!). As it turns out, we all need help learning how to think and speak about culture, identity, and what it means to belong.  - KRIS YOUNG CAMPBELL, VP Speakers & Entertainment, Heroic Productions

V.P. Speakers & Entertainment
Heroic Productions

"Denise has an important story to tell. I love the she tells it with heart and authenticity."


Kris Campbell

For a live in-person and high-energy conference, I needed a speaker to not only match this energy but bring the relevant content to the table and Denise Soler Cox did just that and more! She was highly recommended to me and what I experienced first-hand, I see why! She met the goal and then some!

The smiles, nods and tears of audience members during Denise's speaking engagement was an early indication of what the final outcome would be and that was complete satisfaction! Many of the audience members not only felt motivated by Denise but their hearts and minds were fully engaged. - ANNA GARCIA

MPA/HSA, Founder & President Lean In Latinas

"If you want someone to bring authenticity, energy, and overall positivity to your conference, Denise Soler Cox is your person!"


Anna Dapelo-Garcia

Director, Economic Inclusion
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

"I have worked with Denise Soler Cox twice now for both a U.S. based audience and global audience, and her message on inclusion and belonging rang true for all participants."


Amber Haskell

Senior Program Manager

"Inspiring, humbling, grounding and so full of hope."


Guillermo Vázquez

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